“The BKH team worked closely with me in connection with BearingPoint, Inc.’s negotiation of a number of challenging and technically complex contracting-related matters with the U.S. federal government.  With the benefit of their substantial experience and expertise, we were able to eliminate over a billion dollars in potential claims against BearingPoint.  The members of the BKH team were always readily accessible and able to adapt immediately to meet the company’s changing needs.  They anticipated and provided valuable advice on potential approaches the government could take in these matters.  By diving into the financial details and fully understanding and exploring our options, they helped ensure that, as a team, we were always fully prepared.  Each BKH team member was always professional and responsive, provided well thought out and supportable arguments, worked well with BearingPoint’s internal staff and external counsel, and interfaced well with the government representatives.  I would definitely recommend the BKH team to any company needing assistance with the many complex issues facing providers to the US government.”

John C. Eichenberger, Esq., Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel for Global Legal Services, BearingPoint, Inc.

BKH Core Competencies

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