Our Values to your business are what really counts. Please find below the four main areas describing how we add value to your doing business with the US Government

A Better Approach

With BKH you will receive the expertise and experience that comes from true financial professionals.

You’ll realize the efficiencies that come from project‐specific talent and a cost‐effective business model.

And you will appreciate the service and the partnership that can only come from senior level people who have “been there.” That’s BKH.

BKH Equals Value

BKH represents a network of skilled personnel who own the expertise and experience of true financial professionals in the government and commercial business arena:

  • You save start‐up time because we have the right level of skilled specialists for your job, not a junior person who needs to “learn” at your expense.
  • We only serve you when you need us.
  • You receive a top level professional at a rate that is more competitive than other companies because we don’t maintain staff “on the bench” that still have to be paid for.
  • Your engagement with us closes on time and on budget.


Structured for Efficiency and Value

BHK’s structure allows us to cherry‐pick the perfect people for your project; but you won’t have to pay for senior level overhead. You’ll work with the best financial consultants in the business in the most cost effective manner possible.

The senior level experience of BKH translates into the knowledge of and a sensitivity to internal policies and personnel. When on site, BKH can operate with ease using work‐around solutions to avoid disruption of your management structure.

BKH excels at program management, overseeing the people involved and the project itself.

With the frequency you specify, we’ll consult with you about the budget, the complexities of the issues you face, the size of the assignment and the needed level of your day‐to‐day involvement in the project. And we will always deliver the most cost‐effective solution . . . on time and on budget.

Unbiased Analyses with Solutions

Our unique structure allows BKH to select precisely the right professionals to dedicate to your assignment.

We evaluate each client’s unique needs and then define the talent requirements before identifying and assigning our staff to your particular project.

Having the right knowledge means nothing if you don’t also have the “right fit” that understands your company’s personal style and vision. The result ? Better analysis and more effective solutions. In contrast, bigger consulting firms have large numbers of full‐time employees.

At times, these big firms feel pressured to get their people “off the bench” and into the game (your workplace), even though their expertise may not exactly align with your needs. The execution of their solutions can be less effective and more expensive to you.

Government Contracting

BKH specializes in numerous aspects of government contracting. We help commercial companies enter the government marketplace and provide the know‐how and processes to ensure the right financial structure and compliance for your government contractor business.

Professional Consulting

Our professionals are experienced in aiding our customers to develop positions on a variety of matters. As a result of our extensive experience, our clients are able to use our practical knowledge and advice to avoid potential pitfalls or remediate issues before they impact the business.

Government Funding

BKH serves entities receiving government funding and provides the highest level of professional services to our clients. All of our consultants are experienced in managing the financial interests of organizations in the private and public sectors as either CFO’s or Controllers.