Challenge and Opportunity

  • The Opportunity


    The U.S. Government is awarding billions of dollars in contracts to stimulate the economy; consequently, your organization and your competitors are at a crossroads.

    Do you pursue these government projects and risk allocating the time and resources necessary to bid and secure the business?

    How do you run a lean operation and pursue new government project opportunities that require your immediate time and attention?

    How do you continue to provide the same high level of service to your current customers, while keeping pace with your infrastructure needs?

  • The Challenge


    Can you afford to leave new government contracts and money on the table?

    What are the consequences of allowing your competitors to win business that you deserve?

    If you overreach your capabilities or resources, how will that impact your existing business, clients, your image and your future business?

    Have you been awarded contracts to a financial level that requires greater government oversight, yet your existing infrastructure isn’t yet skilled or diverse enough to meet the new level of expectations that comes with your rapid growth?

    Do you currently have DCAA or other government agency issues because of the increased audit autonomy these organizations are exercising?

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